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How Has the Earth's Atmosphere Evolved?
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A 5 page paper discussing changes in the Earth's atmosphere over the last several million years. It is possible that the secondary atmosphere (the first was probably lost) contained even more carbon dioxide than that of today. Volcanic activity was much more pronounced, and there likely were not as many photosynthetic ocean organisms available to use it. The one change we can be certain of is that there is more oxygen now than when it first began to be a standard element of the atmosphere. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: KSatmos.doc

Life on Mars
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A 7 page paper which argues that there was, at least during some time in the past, life on the planet Mars. This subject is causing a great deal of controversy in the past few years, with just as many arguing that there is life, as there is not. The evidence presented illustrates that the possibility of life, in regards to Mars, is far more likely than not. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: RAmars.wps

The Phenomenon of the Aurorae
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This 15 page paper provides an overview of the phenomenon called the aurorae. This paper outlines the history of the discovery, the basic elements involved in the formation, the different types, and the nature of the aurora borealis, or northern lights. This paper also considers recent discoveries and the rationale behind emerging interest in these astronomical phenomena. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: MHAurora.wps

The Stars and the Trees: Their roles for mankind:
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4 pages in length. Compares and contrasts astronomy and trees, the roles they play in the history of man. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: JGAastro.doc

Three Models of the Universe: A Comparison of the Theories of Ptolemy, Copernicus and Hipparchus
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A 5 page discussion of the heliocentric theory verses the geocentric theory in astronomy. Compares the early attempts at mathematical modeling and explains how the heliocentric theory is supported by such modeling while early attempts at modeling the geocentric theory were flawed. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: PPastMdl.wps

(The) Apollo Space Program
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13 pages on the Apollo Space Program; Its mission, success & failures etc; Specifically covered are Apollo I, VIII, IX, & XIII. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: Apollosp.wps

(The) First Reasonable Theory That Planets Exist in other Solar Systems
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A brief 2 page report on findings from 1992. 2 sources listed in bibliography. Good for those studying issues, events, and/or controversy within astronomy.
Filename: Astreven.wps

A Star is Born
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An 8 page paper detailing the birth of a star. A star, like the sun, is a compiled mass of gases. In the examination of the birth of a star we first discuss the formation in a simple description. This is followed by a plausible theory for the formation of our solar system, which gives a very good look at the involvement of stars, as well as the formation and creation of one. It has often been said that we are all made up of the stars when it comes right down to basics, that is if one believes in the big bang theory. This is also discussed briefly along with a current illustration and description of red stars, which helps to illustrate what stars are and how they can often differ from one another. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: Starborn.wps


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