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  Help! I can't find a paper on my topic! What do I do?
Don't worry!  Have us create a NEW paper relevant to assisting YOU with YOUR specific topic! Remember!: All of the papers described on this site were once created by our own roster of contracted researchers & writers who have been helping students succeed for years! Fill out our custom order form and tell us exactly what you need help researching, when you need to receive our help by, and a knowledgeable customer representative will contact you TODAY via email or telephone to confirm your order and to provide you with your order # and GUARANTEED completion date! Remember also that we pledge to create a document designed specifically to help with the topic to which we agree or we'll revise our contractor's work at no additional charge to you! 

  What are your refund policies?
Existing papers found in our database as well as those documents customized to assist students with unique requests, remain the sole intellectual property of The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc. and its contracted writers.  All information is sold strictly for use as a research and/or tutorial model to help in the creation of an independent term paper. Students are required to cite our company as a source in their own bibliographies. The Paper Store maintains a no refund/no cancellation policy as research is an intangible item and simply cannot be "returned."  To ensure customer satisfaction, students are invited to request free one page excerpts of any paper they are interested in by simply sending an email with the .wps file name of the paper they are interested in. 


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